World of Spiritual & Divine Thoughts

Precious Parables of Spirituality

The precious parables are of course utmost important as they arise us and make us understand the real priority and to lead a balanced life.

  1. Man is stuck in the deep ditch of muddy materialism. He cannot come out of this dungeon on his own unless the true master throws a rope down and extricates him.
  2. In villages, women fetch water from the well. They walk with the pictures on their heads. They go on talking among themselves and yet they keep their mind focused on the pictures. They walk so carefully that they do not allow the pictures to fall down and get broken. Likewise, an enlightened person, even while performing normal vocations of life, keeps his mind focused on the formless omnipresent God.
  3. As one climbs up the mountain, he is seen bending forward in order to keep the body’s balance, but as one descends, he keeps his body straight in erect posture. it shows that if a person is humble and polite, he soars higher and higher in life, particularly in the spiritual field but if he is arrogant , he is bound to descend or climb down.
  4. It takes lot of time to weave a cloth and prepare a garment, but it takes only a second to tear it off. Likewise, it takes several months to construct a house, and hardly any time to pull it down. Similarly, it takes a very long time to pull it down. Similarly, it takes a very long time to create a deep and lasting relationship, but it takes only a few seconds to break the bonds of love and friendship.
  5. Sandalwood transmits its fragrance to all trees and shrubs growing near it. However, a bamboo tree is an exception. It does not take in and assimilate the fragrance of sandalwood. Thus, mere being near a saint is not sufficient. One must take and adopt his qualities.


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