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January 18, 2016 • Spirituality, True Master

Precious Parables

  1. There is utter darkness everywhere during “Amavasya “the darkest night of the month. A person who is moving about forlorn sees a ray of light at a remote distance in a cottage. Although the light is dim, it has lot of values in terms of guiding the person to proceed in the right direction. Similarly, an enlightened person may illuminate the path of several others. He should never consider his contribution as insignificant.
  2. A rose gives fragrance to everyone. It does not care for the thorns nearby . likewise , saints keep on transmitting spiritual radiance, unmindful of the disfavourable environment of hatred and hostility around.
  3. On television screen, one watches all kinds of programmes. Sometimes we see violence or some shots of war and sometimes there are scene of love and affection. The screen , however, remains unaffected and there is no change in it. Similarly , saints remain blissfully indifferent in all situations.
  4. As the window blows, we cover a burning flame with our palms around it so that it does not get extinguished. Those are the lucky ones who got the lamp of divine knowledge lit in their minds. in order to keep the light aglow in the face of the wind of materialism, one must go in for the cover of simran, satsang and sewa.
  5. We see a balloon filled with hydrogen gas soaring high in the sky. It will, however, not go beyond a certain height if it is obstructed by a ceiling, a tree or any other object. Likewise, the spiritual development of a devotee also gets receded if his thought, speech and action obstructed by pride, prejudice and narrow-mindedness.


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