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March 5, 2016 • Devotees, Devotion, Meditation

Maintaining the Perspective

Stephen Hawking – one of the greatest Physicists ever, is reported to have said that we live on a minor planet of a very average star located within the outer limits of one of a hundred thousand million Galaxies.
To live happier, and more fulfilling life, when we encounter a difficult circumstance, then we must keep shifting our perspective and continually work on – β€œis there a wiser, more enlightened way of looking at this seemingly negative situation? It specifies that during the tough times, or during the phase of negativities, we must develop the other perspective of watching and analyzing the situation.

An old story is related to this. A man with serious illness was hospitalized urgently and he was being given a bed near to the window where another patient used to rest due to illness. Very soon, both of them developed the kinship of love and harmony and the chemistry of both started matching. The one next to the window would look out of the window and would elaborate the vivid picture of the outside world. He would also describe the beauty of tree and dancing leaves. However, as the time went on, the bedridden man grew frustrated at his inability to observe the wonders his friend described. Eventually he grew to dislike him and then to hate him intensely.

One night, due to an attack of the cough, and the severity of the same, the patient near to the window took his last breath. Following this, the dead patient was taken outside the hospital, whereas, the bed ridden patient did not show a remark of any sadness, rather quickly asked that his bed be placed next to the window. A request that was compiled by the him was soon honored. But as he looked outside the window, he discovered something shocking and stunning, as there was no tree and the scenic beauty he used to tell about. Rather, his former roommate had conjured up the incredible sights that he described in his imagination as a loving gesture to make the world of his friend a little bit better during a difficult time. He had acted out of the selfless love. This beautiful story vividly clarify the beauty of perspective.

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