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February 8, 2016 • Spirituality, True Master

Some Parables Useful for Practical Life

  1. Two goats were coming from opposite directions, wanting to cross a stream by walking over a fallen tree connecting the two banks. As they moved and faced each other in the middle of the stream, both quarreled and stuck their horns at each other. Eventually both fell into the stream and died. Both were adamant to cross the stream first, but they lost their lives.After a few days another two goats came to cross the stream at the same point. As they approached and confronted each other, one goat yielded and sat down allowing the other to pass over. Thereafter, the other goat could also cross the stream In this way, both were saved. Saints do not suffer from ego or arrogance like the first two goats did. They follow the second example and try to accommodate others even at the cost of their own comfort.
  2. When someone is driving a vehicle on high speed, he looks forward and proceeds on the path to the destination. If the driver looks right or left, he may get involved in an accident. Likewise, saints keep on following the path of truth unmindful of what is happening around or what the world says.
  3. The best way to overcome the thorns in one’s way is not to remove them one by one, but to put on shoes with strong soles. This is exactly what the saints do. They walk over the thorns of the worldly life with the most durable shoes of God knowledge
  4. When the sun rises, there is broad day-light and the sky is clear. When clouds appear, they eclipse the sun and obscure its light. Although the clouds have created the darkness temporarily preventing the rays of light emitted by the sun , the sun continues to glow and its potential to create day –light remains intact. Likewise, the clouds of hatred , jealousy and ill-will seem to shroud the light of divine knowledge, but the true master continues spreading the celestial light unabated.


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