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March 17, 2016 • Environment, Ethics, Society

Time to Save The Mother Earth

The love knows no barrier. There is no space of hatred, jealousy and other evil virtues in love. The universe has been created in a very peculiar way , the race, caste, creed and the nationality, and the economic imbalances and levels of earning and saving has further divided our societies into A parabola, where there seems no possibility of unity and the selfless love. Rather violence has entrapped the entire folks. The spiritual and national aspects have been seemingly no more effective. Killing the innocent lives, snatching the rights of others and doing the unfair for the fair has become the common tendency of the man, now- a- days.

Apart from that, there is severe deterioration of the human values. The humility, humanity, love, care, peace and tolerance, seems not producing their effects. The astrologers and other experts have been continuously predicting the sheer reality of complete disaster. The preachers and religious gurus are already in the quest for Harmony in oneness.

How to save the mother earth? The genuine question of pondering into the matter leads to the generation of the logical analysis. Are human entirely responsible or the liability should be relied upon the predecessors. Indeed, the answer would be a bigger yes. The humans are exploiting the resources of nature for their own benefits. The ever booming human population, with severe scarcity of the resources is, compelling the man to find the fuels and other resources to be find on the other resources like the mars and other planets. The nuclear tests and other missiles are being tested rapidly for the complete destruction. The following negative aspects are associated with it.

  1. Injudicious use of nuclear technology can cause total destruction of the earth.
    For instance, the atomic bombs, which destroyed the Japanese cities, are much less potent than today’s nuclear weapons.
  2. Half a dozen hydrogen bombs are enough to cause a nuclear holocaust (massive destruction or great loss of life.)
  3. Belligerent leaders and terrorists may cause great human disaster by the use of nuclear weapons for mass destruction.
  4. The most worrying aspect of nuclear technology is its use for military purpose by many high and mighty countries.
  5. Enough atomic bombs have already been made, which are capable of completely destroying the planet.
  6. An increasing number of countries now have nuclear weapons or have the technology required to make such bombs. Like: Iraq, North Korea, India, Pakistan and others.



  1. If life on earth is to continue, we must control nuclear weapons of mass destruction.
  2. To eliminate the threat of nuclear war, all the nuclear power nations of the world should agree to disarm as soon as possible.


To conclude, we should learn from our past mistakes about the explosions of the nuclear centers and peaceful coexistence must be a reality. We would have to be relied upon the natural resources. We would have to plant more and more trees. Besides, the efforts at each and every human efforts will have to be performed.


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