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April 15, 2016 • Astrology, Human, Life

Types of Doshas in The Kundali

There are ample of instances available, when the person inspite of working so hard for a particular field, goes into failure, even the work done goes into vain. Similarly, it has been observed that the marriage relationships also get weaker, instead of becoming stronger. All this leads to severe disappointment and negativity in their life that they are not lucky, their fate does not support them.

The main cause behind this kind of situation is the incompatibility generated due to the stars. The planets and stars, when are at the favourable positions, cause comfort, whereas, opposite is seen in case of disarrangement and contradictory positions. Continue Reading

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April 10, 2016 • Astrology, Family, Human

Astrological Remedies for Childless Couples

The children are taken as the form of God. They enrich the life of the mother and the father. But it is great irony that many people fail to produce the babies,  due to medical and other reasons of non medical origin. These problems can be of pre pregnancy or during pregnancy like the miscarriage problems. the children produced are of the disabled types. there are various medical complications after the pregnancy like thyroid, depression and infertility.

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April 5, 2016 • Astrology, Family, Human

Astrological Remedies for Bad Planetary Effects

According to Astrology, every star and planet has its impact on the human life. The consequences of these stars and planets can be easily seen as everyone gets affected due to position and motion of these planets and stars. Many of the effects of these planets are good, whereas, there are some serious effects too. The presence of certain planets in different houses may lead to extremely deleterious effects, like as – Kal Sarpa Dosha. So it’s extremely important to reduce the impact of these planets with the help of Yantra, Mantra and Tantra. Continue Reading

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February 18, 2016 • Environment, Ethics, Human, Life

Human Ethics and Environment Protection

The nature and human beings are intertwined with that of nature. Infect there exists an inseparable bond between man and nature. Man’s existence cannot be thought to be existed without the nature. This mother earth has blessed mankind with her bounties- the biggest being air/oxygen which we breathe to remain alive. But since time immemorial, man has been exploiting the resources of nature for his own benefit. It is ironical infect that the man is misusing the resources of nature. This boon is converting into the bane and nature further retaliates to man’s destructive actions.
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February 11, 2016 • Human, Society

Elements Constituting Human Organism: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Sound

Human beings are made up of the same five elements and have similar biological structure. Infact, they are made up of the same stuff. As per the religious philosophy, human organism is divided into five elements Continue Reading

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February 1, 2016 • Family, Human, Life


The efforts done by the team as, joint efforts are always appreciating. When a team tries to achieve a desired set of goals, then the efforts. This spirit of working together is commendable. In this phase, they lose the sense of individuality and only focus their attention on producing result as a team. Infect, with coordination, all tasks become simple, even the toughest of the toughest works become simpler. Suppose there is a heavy load, a single man cannot do anything, but with the help of the joint efforts, it can easily be lifted.
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January 19, 2016 • Ego, Human, Life, Tolerance

Importance of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is the process of granting free pardon and to give up all the claim on account of an offense or debt. To forgive, there is the requirement of two persons simultaneously– One who forgives and the one who is being forgiven. There are two main kinds of forgiveness- one is divine and other one is human forgiveness. In divine forgiveness, god forgives the human being whereas in human forgiveness, one human being forgives the other human being. Sometimes, the forgiveness is for granted, and sometimes, it is asked for. Granted forgiveness includes- the forgiveness which is for sure like as parents always forgive their children, this mother earth also forgives the human beings for all the kind of his mendacities. Granted forgiveness takes place when at least one part has surrendered in the relationship, irrespective of the fact that whether the other part has surrendered or not.
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January 10, 2016 • Human, Life, Miscellaneous

Priorities in Life

Let’s analyze the real meaning of priorities that we have now.  Rarely a person thinks about the real meaning of his existence. Are we giving the real priorities to the required things? The answer would be big no. because we are unable to settle the right aim for life. If it would be clear, then the priorities would be entirely different. Does that solve the purpose to get up and perform all the worldly chores to get entangle in them permanently. Why this beautiful body has been given to us? Is that to mere make the body feel comfortable and to achieve the materialistic possessions? The short term goals are superseding the long term goals, causing the more focus of the higher purpose, thus leads the meaningless life.
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January 5, 2016 • God, Human, Life

Love of God

The topic of love carries immense importance as the love itself is a word which is impossible to define and further explain. The love for God is understood in a way which is actually farther from the real goal. Let’s have a brief discussion of how people express their love. A person who recites the spiritual mantras is considered holy but is it a sufficient evidence to express or feel the real love for God? The answer would not be in the favour. Then what can be considered as a measure of this?
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