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February 22, 2016 • God, Spirituality, True Master

Life Before and after the God Knowledge

This is the misfortune of our society that it neither forgives nor gives a chance to repent. To err is human. If we do not give a man the chance to repent, how would he improve? For example, does a thief who has already been punished by the law not have the right to be forgiven?

It is not right to further humiliate him by calling him a thief. Saints forgive such a person and give him a chance to improve whereas; the people of the word convert him into an even worse criminal by repeatedly calling him a thief. You should not go by the word of other people. You should judge for yourself if the mahapurushas who are being slandered thus have not become true saints.

Have they not transformed themselves completely? During the course of satsang, you must have often heard such mahapurushas admit their past actions and repent publicly. It is only because of this rightful handling by the saints that Balmiki could become a maharishi and kauda Rakshasa’s life could be transformed.

If someone does not change even after coming in contact with Mahapurushas, then that person cannot be called God-realized or a mahapurusha. Such people cannot stay for long in satang too.


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