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January 2, 2016 • Miscellaneous, Spirituality, True Master

From Darkness to Light

O’God! From untruth, lead me to Light

From death, lead me to Immortality Peace, Peace, Peace.

                                 (Bridhardanyaka Upanishad 1:3-28.)

God is the Supreme Light. The same Divine Light manifests itself in the human form as the True Master.

Baba Avtar Singh Nirankari said in one of his Sermons: “A blind can neither see himself nor the sighted ones; But a sighted person can see both – the blind as well as the sighted.”

Some precious parables related to light and darkness

  1. The difference between the light and darkness is as vast as the void between the earth and the sky. The distance can be abridged by True Master, who bestows the divine light while the darkness vanishes then and there.
  2. Light and darkness cannot co-exist.  Light symbolizes truth, peace and happiness and the darkness depicts ignorance, gloom and obscurity.
  3. The darkness of ignorance refers to a state of mind in which one cannot see a person or an object. One falters and fumbles at every step because of the darkness all around. He mistakes a rope for a snake and is scared of it. The saints say the darkness of ignorance is due to the lack of knowledge of God. Those who are devoid of the eternal Truth (Light of LIFE) are prone to evil-doing, sin and suffering. They do ignoble acts and commit all types of heinous crimes.
  4. The enlightened ones lead a simple, noble, pure and purposeful life, wishing well of and doing good to all.
  5. Most people remain stuck up in the dark ditch of ignorance. Only the rare few opt for the path of truth, love, light, purity and nobleness. None can tide over this darkness, this state of being blind-folded, and thus ignorance on his own. Only the True Master bestows the divine light and pulls out men from the dark dungeon. One may have a lamp, the oil in it, and the wick, but it cannot be lit without a matchstick, a lighter or a lit lamp. Likewise, the mind shrouded by darkness of ignorance can be enlightened only be the Enlightened One, the True Master.
  6. One may possess all riches, wealth and bounties but he cannot be satiated without the Light celestial. Men without this divine light are just like unlit lamps. The saints have always been illuminating the minds of the ignorant people and dispelling the darkness from the world.
  7. This noble task is being done in the world today by the Nirankari Mission under the spiritual guidance of Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj (Nirankari Baba).
  8. Saints love the Divine Light and the enlightened ones, but they have no hatred for those who are without light, the intuitively blind. They pray and inspire others to shed ego and arrogance, and receive the light and learn to live in the light. The saints’ sacred task is to spread light in the darkness all over the world. The True Master holds the treasure-trove of this Divine Light and his aim is to enlighten the minds of the millions and extricate them from the darkness. This Light celestial never fades, flickers and disappears, but remains glowing and glittering perpetually. This is the light of God.
  9. How unfortunate that wearing the human cloak, man behaves like a brute, a devil, causing death and destruction and breaking human dwellings of the innocent for the sake of selfish gains. Entangles in the glamour-world of materialism, man follows the path of sin and suffering leading to the hell. He wastes the precious human life and departs from the world empty handed, left with nothing but repentance at last to face the pangs of repeated births and deaths.

Those are the fortunate few, who have received this Divine Light from the True Master and they are enjoying everlasting peace, bliss and salvation. Their life has undergone a revolution from darkness to light.


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