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January 19, 2016 • Ego, Human, Life, Tolerance

Importance of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is the process of granting free pardon and to give up all the claim on account of an offense or debt. To forgive, there is the requirement of two persons simultaneously– One who forgives and the one who is being forgiven. There are two main kinds of forgiveness- one is divine and other one is human forgiveness. In divine forgiveness, god forgives the human being whereas in human forgiveness, one human being forgives the other human being. Sometimes, the forgiveness is for granted, and sometimes, it is asked for. Granted forgiveness includes- the forgiveness which is for sure like as parents always forgive their children, this mother earth also forgives the human beings for all the kind of his mendacities. Granted forgiveness takes place when at least one part has surrendered in the relationship, irrespective of the fact that whether the other part has surrendered or not.

Whereas, to ask for forgiveness and to forgive, both require dropping the ego. Until or unless the ego of one of the person is dropped, it can never demand unconditional forgiveness. In the process of forgiving, we forgive the person and feel a state of spiritual satisfaction. We let the things go and stop taking the things seriously. Infect, we accept the fellow being whom we forgave.

Forgiving includes, forgiving our own self. One of the most important virtues is to forgive oneself. And forgiving is not the sign of weakness or selfishness, as we often think of it. Infect it is an opportunity to overcome, rather than be a victim of our own pride and ego, being superior. The deeds and acts of ours also reflect the forgiveness. So as early as possible we shall be forgiving, we shall not be punishing ourself for the misdeeds.

There are numerous benefits of forgiveness, in the medical terms in the form of accelerated healing, both emotionally and physically, relieve from stiffness and chronic pains, relief from depression and resentment, better digestion, restful sleep, and peace of mind. Overall, forgiveness is good for our body, our relationships and our place in the world.


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