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February 11, 2016 • Human, Society

Elements Constituting Human Organism: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Sound

Human beings are made up of the same five elements and have similar biological structure. Infact, they are made up of the same stuff. As per the religious philosophy, human organism is divided into five elements

  1. Earth
  2. Water
  3. Fire
  4. Air
  5. Sound

These five entities are called as elements. All these five elements have their corresponding source element existing in the universe. Let’s take the example of earth, whatever the elements and minerals which go to compose the physical portion of the human organisms, are present in the earth. The food taken daily is primarily is utilized for making up of earth element in the body. Otherwise, it results in physical weakness and disease in the organism. The food we eat is the most edible form of earth.
Next comes the role of water. According to science, 60-70 % of human body is constituted by water. When we feel thirst, then water consumption relieves the deficiency of water from the body. Water as a source also abundantly exists in the universe.

Similarly, fire is the part and parcel of the organism. Without it, we cannot remain living and sustain life. The fire element is present in the form of heat which is generated in the body by food and other processes. Heat as a source exists outside the body either in the form of food or other sources in the universe.

Now if we talk about the element air, it is the source of oxygen. And no one can survive without the oxygen. Whose intake through breathing sustains life, this oxygen also sustains the life. Thus oxygen is the mandatory component of life. Lack of oxygen leads to immediate suffocation and death of the organism. The organism is not self generative of the oxygen. It is supplied from outside.

The element sound has its fundamental role to perform and its importance and need can not be underestimated. Can we imagine the organism and the universe without sound? The whole social existence is possible through the sound. Can we imagine the life without sound, no. any experience or knowledge is impossible without the sound. The sound helps people to communicate as well as remain in touch. These sound vibrations always remain intact in the air. Human organism has its own mechanism of ear to receive those waves in various forms. The human anatomy and physiology further reveals that the mechanism is specially made of function as a device to transmit such waves in the form of certain sound patterns.

After death, all these five elements, go to their respective source elements and do not just perish or simply disappear in the atmosphere.

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