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January 5, 2016 • God, Human, Life

Love of God

The topic of love carries immense importance as the love itself is a word which is impossible to define and further explain. The love for God is understood in a way which is actually farther from the real goal. Let’s have a brief discussion of how people express their love. A person who recites the spiritual mantras is considered holy but is it a sufficient evidence to express or feel the real love for God? The answer would not be in the favour. Then what can be considered as a measure of this?

Now- a-days, it has been observed in the high practice of the people where they are never missing a chance to visit holy pilgrimages, and to see and visit the birth place of the spiritual leaders of the past like which belong to all the religions. Does all this solve the purpose of loving God? Or these rituals are merely performed to have a feeling of belongingness for the religions. Now a question does arise, then who actually is the real lover of god if the aforementioned criteria of loving God are not getting approval from the almighty god by the way of actual contentment which we actually are supposed to get. The answer would be- by loving the creation of god, betterly we can not only actually love God, but also we can have the real contentment in this aspect. This is the real proof, which must be demonstrated in our lives. Without this, our claims would be simply hollow.

God is said to be love, and love is said to be God. This love must exist in our lives; it must manifest in our prayers for the welfare of all. Where there is love, there is no room for hatred. It is sad that more people are becoming filled with hatred, and as a result much damage is being done. Destructive feelings expressed in any part of the Globe, when looked at broadly, affect the rest of the world. Love is indeed for the betterment of mankind. Where love reigns, there is peace and calmness. Hence we can live happily. To achieve happiness, we have to be one with God almighty., and to have love in our hearts. In this state, it becomes easier to share happiness with others.


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