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February 1, 2016 • Family, Human, Life


The efforts done by the team as, joint efforts are always appreciating. When a team tries to achieve a desired set of goals, then the efforts. This spirit of working together is commendable. In this phase, they lose the sense of individuality and only focus their attention on producing result as a team. Infect, with coordination, all tasks become simple, even the toughest of the toughest works become simpler. Suppose there is a heavy load, a single man cannot do anything, but with the help of the joint efforts, it can easily be lifted.

Coordination also specifies the harmonious relation amongst people. The beautiful harmony of the parade is entirely due to the self discipline and a spirit to work as a part of the team. If we see, all world is ours and nobody is alien. A beautiful harmony is created when we stop discriminating based on caste, color, creed, and culture. We do not hate anyone. We believe that we all are part of a play. For coordination we require many key virtues like as- peaceful co-existence, patience and a tendency to ignore the faults of others. If we keep affirm focusing on the faults of other, and then there would not be any soft corner for the coordination. Let’s make it a habit to cooperate to coordinate. When we start believing that all world is ours and no one is alien, and our origins are from one god only, then we develop a sense of belongingness to each other, then instead of hating, we tend to love each other. We not only develop a sense of kinship of love, but also we develop a tendency to live in humility.


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