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January 10, 2016 • Human, Life, Miscellaneous

Priorities in Life

Let’s analyze the real meaning of priorities that we have now.  Rarely a person thinks about the real meaning of his existence. Are we giving the real priorities to the required things? The answer would be big no. because we are unable to settle the right aim for life. If it would be clear, then the priorities would be entirely different. Does that solve the purpose to get up and perform all the worldly chores to get entangle in them permanently. Why this beautiful body has been given to us? Is that to mere make the body feel comfortable and to achieve the materialistic possessions? The short term goals are superseding the long term goals, causing the more focus of the higher purpose, thus leads the meaningless life.

From the dawn of civilization, the man has always being curious about the mysteries of life. Simultaneous efforts being devoted to science and technology, further led to the generation of innumerable concepts. People started leading more developed life, in which involvement of scientific world was more and more increased. Lots of researches took place thus lead to the generation of ideas, concepts and philosophies to satisfy the curiosity of man. More and more involvement of the developed world sat aside the real goal and man started leading a disbalanced life. The primary and the ultimate goal of the people became the short term, materialistic happiness, thus forgot the real contentment and ultimate cause to get this birth. Various researches have been put forth which has lead to the generation of the concepts pertaining the real goal of life. The reality does seem to lie in leading a lovely life full of relations, sometimes the family life satisfaction leads to a sense of fulfillment. More of job satisfaction can be the another criteria. The luxurious life or the comfortable positions, and the sudden coming of luck can be called as the attainment of the goals.


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