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January 23, 2016 • Meditation, Thoughts

The Power of Thoughts

Not only do the spoken words or actions affect the life and future deeds, but the thoughts or words thought can have significant effect on the life. All that we are the result of what we have thought. Thoughts infect leave a powerful impression on the mind. According to Jesus Christ, at many stages of the life, our consciousness gets affected as much by thinking merely. So all this depicts the power of thinking and the thoughts.
In the world, much time we observe that we confront so many situations where the thought process makes us realize the actual happening. Suppose there is any violence or violent action, our mind and thought become so much entangled in the same, and gradually become insensitive to the same due to thinking of the same matter again and again. Further these violent thoughts lead to the commitment of the same and may prove to be a possible solution to frustration, poverty, and injustice. We may even end up applauding it shield ourselves.
Moreover, we selectively from so many banal concepts which turn us away from the permanent joy and happiness. This is our thinking and the thought process which keep us far from the reality and we become the victim of what we think.


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