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March 13, 2016 • Family, Society

Never be Disheartened

Whatever good or bad happens to you, through whatever person or object, directly proceeds from our loving father. All persons and objects are but tools in his hand. If an evil befalls you, think of it as his greatest mercy. We have to suffer for our past actions sooner or later.
Our master, by taking us through these sufferings speedily, intends to relieve us of the burden earlier. And by this early payment of debt- because debt it is- the amount of suffering is very much lessened. If we had to pay one ton at first, now we are released by paying one pound only.

So never be disheartened if you are to pay some severe debt. It is all for your good. Suppose someone ill treats you without any fault on your part- you should see in this ill treatment the hand of the master working. He wants you to find out whether you pride has died or not , and how deep has meekness nd love taken root in your mind.

Again suppose a man loses his son, it is to test the decrease in love of earthly relatives. The father wants to loosen these heavy chains that bind us down to this earth. More love towards earthly relations means less for the master.

Therefore all events which appear to misfortune are not really so. They come to chasten us, to add to our power of resistance and leave us better man in the end. Be always resigned to his will.

What the father does, he does for the best. In this world, those persons who are engaged in the upward march have constantly to face the inroads of two powerful enemies- mind and matter.

They try to put many obstacles in our way. If an untoward event happens, we need not be disheartened. Rather we should rise with redoubled love, and final victory will be ours.

Our father is love and we are small drops from that ocean of love. This huge machinery of the universe is worked on the eternal principle of love. So try to bring yourself in harmony with the principles of love. The deeper the love for the master takes root in you; the fainter will be the worldly love in you. His love will displace the love of earthly things. Then the mind and spirit will transcend the flesh and the curtains will rise before you, one by one. The dark mysteries of the universe will become revealed to you and you will find yourself in the loving lap of Holy Father; in fact you will be one with him.

He, out of his mercy, has bestowed upon you such a noble gift that all pleasures of this world stand in no comparison with it. But it will not improve your condition if you will not use it. A hungry man is never satisfied simply by counting the names of various dishes that are before him. Though the teachings you have received are invaluable, yet they cannot be of any use unless you realize them and daily engage in the spiritual exercises for a long a time as you can spare from your worldly engagements.

To sum up, You must be careful about the following:-

Control of mind
Check on senses
resignation to his will
love for him
regularity and punctuality in spiritual exercises


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