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March 5, 2016 • Devotion

Harboring Hatred

Love and hatred cannot go together simultaneously. Just like the darkness and the light cannot co-exist. Similarly, a person cannot love and hate at the same time. Further, if the praise of the lord is in high volumes, but the hatred is dwelling in the heart, love is said to be absent from there.

The human beings are required to be loved, and the things are required to be utilized. But it is an irony that the human beings are using the people and loving the things. To earn both of the ends meet, people now-a-days have to strive very hard. The resources are in scarce, particularly and the abundance of crowd seeks the opportunity like an eagle eye on the things. Further, the cut throat competition is prevailing, which further has shrunken the meager amount of love and care for each other. Instead of feeding each other, people are bound to snatch the things from the needy hands, intentionally or unintentionally. Jealousy and impatience is further giving rise to the hatred. Now a question does arise, that how is it feasible to tackle the problem of hatred. The deep analysis of the issue reveals that the hatred gives encouragement to the hatred, and love rather enhances the lovely attitude. No fire can be extinguished with the chemicals and the fire or flammable articles, rather contrary are possible.

Let’s take a lead in this matter, where the dangerous flames of the hatred and jealousy prevail, there tolerance and patience and not dwelling the revengeful feeling can help a lot in this regard. The endurance for the same is highly possible by spiritual awakening. Which entirely is the matter of the blessings of Holy master.

This can further be explained by the following example:
A mother watching the daughter playing outside, notices her being pushed to the floor by a stranger, who warmly greets the mother with a smile , and compliments her by saying she is a virtuous and a wonderful person. Would any of these compliments have any positive impact on the mother? No. in fact she would be displeased to the extent that she would even tell the person to get out of her sight.

On the other hand, a mother watches a stranger showing love to her child and giving her a sweet. The mother acknowledges the love and sends out positive vibes, even if the stranger walks off without saying a word. Similar is the case with the children of God. It is actually the words of the worship or rituals that please God, but rather one’s conduct towards his children i.e. fellow beings. Love pleases god; it works to bind people together.

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