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February 22, 2016 • Science and Spirituality, Spirituality

Pure and Sublime Life

Peace, perseverance and equable vision are the jewellery of the saints; their most precious ornament is the submission to the will of God. The true devotee views others with the vision bestowed by the true master and listens with the divine ears granted by the true master.

The true devotee picks up pearls from the ocean of divinity. The distinctive feature of the saint is that they comply with every command of the true master. They cheerfully submit to the will of God and they never decline the word of the true master. The true saints have realized god and their every Endeavour is directed towards preserving the divine knowledge imparted to them.; they are true from inside and outwardly and they have ended the concept of duality.

They are always true to their words and practically live up to what they say. Such saints do regulate their lives in the mould of the Guru’s instruction. A person who gets shelter of the true master never suffers from any want. He is true and pure from within and externally he does not have any impurity whatsoever.


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