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February 5, 2016 • Devotees, Devotion

What is True Devotion?

Most people do not understand as to what the devotion is, the devotion means leaving aside all doubts and superstitious and pleasing   the true Master with faith and devotion.

The true saints are those who has nothing to, except practicing the divine name, the true saints are those who has nothing else to do, except practicing the divine Name, the true saints are those who cannot live even for a moment without remembering God. The true saints always sing the praise of God, day and night; to the man of God, god’s name is the only solace; the true master’s word is dear to him in every moments of his life (sitting, standing, eating, and drinking). The devotee- saints of true master lead a better life than anyone else in the world; avatar says after coming under the shelter of true master, they always do good, speak good. The devotee obeys every command of the true master but the wayward declines; the devotees serve the true master, but the wayward declines. The devotee serves the true master, but the wayward argues unnecessarily. The devotee loves the true master from the core of the heart, but the wayward only pretends to do so. The wayward is jealous from within. The bargain of devotees is instantly rewarding but the way ward’s dealings are fake.

The devotee perceives God everywhere, but the wayward does ‘not believe. True saint is the one, who remembers God’s name by everybreath. True saint is the one who reveals god all around in a moment. None can separate God from this devotee saint; avatar says it is just as man’s shadow cannot remain isolated from him.

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