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January 25, 2016 • Devotion, God

The Importance of True Master

As we have Vedas and so many other scriptures which are the creation of the God realized sages. Each and everything about the God has been written in detail in them. In my opinion, if we study them, and adopt the methods explained therein, we would automatically realize God. This way we can save ourselves the strain of going from place to place in search of someone who has god knowledge.
This can further be elaborated by the following methods, “you are absolutely correct when you say that these scriptures are full of God knowledge and they are the creation of God realized saints. But you would agree that these scriptures can be understood only by those who are God realized themselves. An ordinary human being can read them, memories them but cannot understand them. A medical textbook can be understood by a doctor only. The words, diseases, medicines etc. mentioned in a medical journal can be decoded only by a doctor.

Elucidating the same point, all of us are the house holders. We send our children to school for their education. You must have noticed that a textbook of mathematics is written by a teacher of the same subject. That textbook contains not only the questions, but also the methods to solve them. There are solved examples too. Not only this, the textbook also contains answers to all the questions in the end. Even when the text book is perfect, and contains all the knowledge, we never ask our child to consult the book and learn mathematics from the same.  To know and understand the knowledge contained in that book, we send our child to a teacher of mathematics. Similarly, to understand the scriptures and perceive religion, to grasp the shastras which expound God, one needs to take shelter of a God realized True master (sat guru).

So one should read the scriptures sincerely and try and adopt the methods recorded therein, in one’s life. The same counsel has been given even therein that god’s knowledge can be attained only through the true master. Therefore, to act upon whatever is written in the scriptures also one has to seek the shelter of the true master.

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