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February 18, 2016 • Environment, Ethics, Human, Life

Human Ethics and Environment Protection

The nature and human beings are intertwined with that of nature. Infect there exists an inseparable bond between man and nature. Man’s existence cannot be thought to be existed without the nature. This mother earth has blessed mankind with her bounties- the biggest being air/oxygen which we breathe to remain alive. But since time immemorial, man has been exploiting the resources of nature for his own benefit. It is ironical infect that the man is misusing the resources of nature. This boon is converting into the bane and nature further retaliates to man’s destructive actions.
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February 17, 2016 • Spirituality, Tolerance

Tolerance through Soul Kinship

The tolerance as the word implies, is the endurance or the power that helps in tolerating the unfavorable situations of the life. More precisely, tolerance implies patience or perseverance, the ability to endure anything without losing control of mind. All of us aspire for a tolerant society. Various religions regularly impress upon their followers to practice tolerance in their day to day lives. However, we are sadly witnessing contrary spectacle of ever diminishing tolerance in our society. Around the globe, numerous media of every day bring into our homes the innumerable alarming incidents of human retaliation and mindless acts of violence, which are based on intolerance due to man-made differences of race, color, language, caste and nationality, etc. Continue Reading

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February 15, 2016 • God, Science and Spirituality, Spirituality

Soaring on Wings of Science and Spirituality

Before we ponder into this intriguing topic, it’s of utmost importance to analyze the matter of overwhelming curiosity. As science has thick blanket of mathematical calculations, underneath this lies a thick blanket of mathematical calculations. As mentioned in the holy bible pertaining Adam and Eve. How they started their life by eating the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge. Adam started differentiating between himself and the material world.  Possessing an increased awareness, Adam and eve learned how to adapt to the environment, and how to exploit the resources of nature. Subsequent generations also developed skills of hunting and farming. The next leap was the emergence of metal tools, about 5000 years ago. Which proved to be crucial step in the development of industry? If we think back to the era of Greco Romans, a civilization from which the western world derived the basic structure on which modern science has made such a gigantic progress. Henceforth, the wise began to philosophies about the existence of man, and this gave birth to modern science.
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February 13, 2016 • God, Science and Spirituality, Spirituality

Scientific Interpretation of God

Science and god are generally considered anti poles. Some people ridicule God as a symbol of orthodoxy and backwardness. There are others who are curious to know God, but do not want to accept him without scientific facts and logical explanations. Continue Reading

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February 12, 2016 • Spirituality, True Master

Some More Spiritual Parables

  1. We find a big stone which has been lying in deep water for a pretty long time. Yet it has not lost the quality of igniting fire. Likewise, a saint does not give-up his divine nature despite being surrounded by disfavourable environment for long. Continue Reading

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February 12, 2016 • Ego, God

Ego, the Basic Malady

It is absolutely clear that the idea of humanism was foremost in the minds of all those teachers whose contributions are enshrined in the Adi granth. Continue Reading

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February 11, 2016 • Human, Society

Elements Constituting Human Organism: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Sound

Human beings are made up of the same five elements and have similar biological structure. Infact, they are made up of the same stuff. As per the religious philosophy, human organism is divided into five elements Continue Reading

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February 10, 2016 • God, True Master

Role of the True Master

God’s attributes are countless; most of which have been scribed in the Holy Scriptures. The salient features are stated in the following lines: Continue Reading

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February 8, 2016 • Spirituality, True Master

Some Parables Useful for Practical Life

  1. Two goats were coming from opposite directions, wanting to cross a stream by walking over a fallen tree connecting the two banks. As they moved and faced each other in the middle of the stream, both quarreled and stuck their horns at each other. Eventually both fell into the stream and died. Both were adamant to cross the stream first, but they lost their lives. Continue Reading

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February 5, 2016 • Devotees, Devotion

What is True Devotion?

Most people do not understand as to what the devotion is, the devotion means leaving aside all doubts and superstitious and pleasing   the true Master with faith and devotion. Continue Reading

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February 3, 2016 • Devotees, Devotion, God

Of God Knowledge and God Particle

Getting inquisitive to know about the True meaning of words scientific and spiritualism is not an old concept. As per the formal definitions, the former stands for something which is technical, systematic, logical, precise, exact, controlled etc. whereas, the latter stands for religious, holy, saintly, pious, sacred, devout and divine etc. so as per the dictionary meaning of these two words, they seem to be the antonym of each other. It does rather seem that word logical stands for one end of the spectrum, while the divine for the other end of it. It further leads to the generation of an idea that the person with divine qualities lacks logic and precision in the thoughts, and does not live systematically by controlling his way of life. Further pondering into the matter, it can be analyzed that the word pious means virtuous, dutiful and moral; devout is dedicated, committed ; and saintly is flawless and perfect .i further realize that then why does a discrepancy does creep in while differentiating science and spirituality ? a person who knows science may also be pious, holy , sacred, devout and divine, and above board , saintly also pertains flawless and perfect. Hence one can say that these two words are not at variance with each other.
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February 1, 2016 • Family, Human, Life


The efforts done by the team as, joint efforts are always appreciating. When a team tries to achieve a desired set of goals, then the efforts. This spirit of working together is commendable. In this phase, they lose the sense of individuality and only focus their attention on producing result as a team. Infect, with coordination, all tasks become simple, even the toughest of the toughest works become simpler. Suppose there is a heavy load, a single man cannot do anything, but with the help of the joint efforts, it can easily be lifted.
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January 25, 2016 • Devotion, God

The Importance of True Master

As we have Vedas and so many other scriptures which are the creation of the God realized sages. Each and everything about the God has been written in detail in them. In my opinion, if we study them, and adopt the methods explained therein, we would automatically realize God. This way we can save ourselves the strain of going from place to place in search of someone who has god knowledge. Continue Reading

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January 23, 2016 • Meditation, Thoughts

The Power of Thoughts

Not only do the spoken words or actions affect the life and future deeds, but the thoughts or words thought can have significant effect on the life. All that we are the result of what we have thought. Thoughts infect leave a powerful impression on the mind. According to Jesus Christ, at many stages of the life, our consciousness gets affected as much by thinking merely. So all this depicts the power of thinking and the thoughts.
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Precious Parables of Spirituality

The precious parables are of course utmost important as they arise us and make us understand the real priority and to lead a balanced life. Continue Reading

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January 19, 2016 • Ego, Human, Life, Tolerance

Importance of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is the process of granting free pardon and to give up all the claim on account of an offense or debt. To forgive, there is the requirement of two persons simultaneously– One who forgives and the one who is being forgiven. There are two main kinds of forgiveness- one is divine and other one is human forgiveness. In divine forgiveness, god forgives the human being whereas in human forgiveness, one human being forgives the other human being. Sometimes, the forgiveness is for granted, and sometimes, it is asked for. Granted forgiveness includes- the forgiveness which is for sure like as parents always forgive their children, this mother earth also forgives the human beings for all the kind of his mendacities. Granted forgiveness takes place when at least one part has surrendered in the relationship, irrespective of the fact that whether the other part has surrendered or not.
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January 18, 2016 • Spirituality, True Master

Precious Parables

  1. There is utter darkness everywhere during “Amavasya “the darkest night of the month. A person who is moving about forlorn sees a ray of light at a remote distance in a cottage. Although the light is dim, it has lot of values in terms of guiding the person to proceed in the right direction. Similarly, an enlightened person may illuminate the path of several others. He should never consider his contribution as insignificant. Continue Reading

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January 15, 2016 • Congregation

My Purpose of Attending Sangat/Congregation

Attending the sangat, called as company of saints has its immense importance, whose value cannot be underestimated. Hence its mendatory to ponder upon the subject of the same that what major benefits are obtained by joining the company of the saints. Here are given some key aspects of joining the same. Continue Reading

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January 13, 2016 • God, Prayer

If God is Omniscient, Is it Important to Pray and if so Why?

All the religions of the world today affirm the all-knowing omniscience of God. There is nothing hidden from him. There is nothing that he does not know. In the light of the truth, which every devout believer accepts, the place of prayer becomes clear to you in this manner. Omniscience means that god knows everything. However, it does not mean that he is doing something in connection with what he knows. Also he has millions and billions of human beings to attend to in his creation. He also do have millions and billions of other creatures great and small, whom he has to look after and provide for in every want and requirement. The human individual therefore feels it very necessary to attract God’s attention and draw it towards himself or herself. Thus despite God’s omniscience the human beings prays to attract his special attention towards oneself.
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January 10, 2016 • Human, Life, Miscellaneous

Priorities in Life

Let’s analyze the real meaning of priorities that we have now.  Rarely a person thinks about the real meaning of his existence. Are we giving the real priorities to the required things? The answer would be big no. because we are unable to settle the right aim for life. If it would be clear, then the priorities would be entirely different. Does that solve the purpose to get up and perform all the worldly chores to get entangle in them permanently. Why this beautiful body has been given to us? Is that to mere make the body feel comfortable and to achieve the materialistic possessions? The short term goals are superseding the long term goals, causing the more focus of the higher purpose, thus leads the meaningless life.
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