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February 3, 2016 • Devotees, Devotion, God

Of God Knowledge and God Particle

Getting inquisitive to know about the True meaning of words scientific and spiritualism is not an old concept. As per the formal definitions, the former stands for something which is technical, systematic, logical, precise, exact, controlled etc. whereas, the latter stands for religious, holy, saintly, pious, sacred, devout and divine etc. so as per the dictionary meaning of these two words, they seem to be the antonym of each other. It does rather seem that word logical stands for one end of the spectrum, while the divine for the other end of it. It further leads to the generation of an idea that the person with divine qualities lacks logic and precision in the thoughts, and does not live systematically by controlling his way of life. Further pondering into the matter, it can be analyzed that the word pious means virtuous, dutiful and moral; devout is dedicated, committed ; and saintly is flawless and perfect .i further realize that then why does a discrepancy does creep in while differentiating science and spirituality ? a person who knows science may also be pious, holy , sacred, devout and divine, and above board , saintly also pertains flawless and perfect. Hence one can say that these two words are not at variance with each other.

At the same time, a thin line of differentiation can also be drawn between these two. As many experts opine that science is objective and spirituality is subjective. Can there be absolute objectivity in science, or can there be an absence of subjectivity in the actions of the devout person. Actually it merely is he game of words, spellings, grammar and ultimately definitions and descriptions. a person with perfect knowledge of the language has several ways to guide or misguide others.

If science is really exact and precise, then why are hypothesis drawn? The hypothesis is required to prove a fact and then to discard it. For instance, for building construction, shuttering is required just to support and letting the structure attain its desired tensile strength. As soon as the structure is capable of holding its length, the shuttering id removed, albeit with care. Similarly, till the time, a theoretical solution is not achieved; we take shelter in hypothesis, or words like alpha, beta, sigma and gamma.

The new discovery further revealed that scientists can now   divide god. Saints and sages have been telling us about some characteristics of God. According to the one school of thought, god is an absolute form of light (akhand jyoti), and the other differs by saying that god is represented by an absolute form of darkness (akhand andhkaar) . When we can’t divide god, we can divide particles when we can’t divide light, we can’t divide darkness, then why complicate simple things by making hefty claims that we can divide God, who is beyond light and darkness as well. Infect, no science can do it.

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