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February 12, 2016 • Ego, God

Ego, the Basic Malady

It is absolutely clear that the idea of humanism was foremost in the minds of all those teachers whose contributions are enshrined in the Adi granth.

To build the basis for creating such a man, who is above caste, creed and color, it was pre-requisite that he is washed off all pride and vainglory. Only a man of humility and universality can be a normal and balanced man, capable of loving all. Pride is the basic disease afflicting mankind, resulting in all the problems that we see today. The knowledge of God is the only effective weapon to remove this malady and make man cosmic, for where God is ego cannot be:

Ego and lord are mutually inimical
the two cannot remain together
in ego, service is not possible
and the mind is rendered worthless.

And further abides in peace for he has removed his ego.
“Nanak” those who travelled in greatness
were destroyed by their arrogance
in whose heart is the pride of dominion;
become a dog and inherits hell.
he who considers himself as paragon of youth
Is a worm abiding in filth
he who proclaims himself himself as doers of deeds
is lost in the cycle of life and death
he who is proud of wealth and land
is blind, ignorant and fool;
he who is blessed with humility by the lord’s grace
says “Nanak” : he obtains salvation here and peace thereafter.

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