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March 13, 2016 • Miscellaneous

Cause of Suffering: Not to Do One’s Duty or Fulfill One’s Responsibility

Once upon a time there was a dog. While his duty was to guard the wealth and property of his owner, he went to sleep at night. Suddenly some thieves came to commit burglary in his house. But whenever they tried to enter the main room of the house, the donkey whose normal duty was to serve the owner by carrying loads, would begin to bray so that the house of the owner is saved from being burgled. And as soon as the brayed loudly, the thieves would go back quietly.

Even the owner woke up but he could not imagine that the donkey could brave to keep some robbers away. So when the donkey brayed repeatedly, the owner stated beating him.  He thought that the donkey had disturbed his sleep without any reason. On this, the donkey asked the dog – my brother, when you bark at night, you are served well. But when I did the same job as you do regularly, I was beaten. Why so? The dog smiled and said – my brother donkey. How unwise you are! You do not understand even this much responsibility to carry out loads while its my dharma (duty) to bark at night and warn the owner. You left for your dharma and followed the dharma of someone else and that is for which you had to suffer.

Exactly like this, we too have certain responsibilities. Like – personal, social, moral and political. If we fulfill those responsibilities, which have been assigned to us, we are bound to be praised, but if we do the opposite, we shall have to remain deprive off the pleasure. In political field, it is our duty to vote judiciously and selflessly and to cooperate with the progressive forces of engaged in the development of the country.

So this analytical discussion makes it clear that our responsibilities or dharma will change with the change in circumstances. These will also be different for different individuals as each person, as everyone has their own circumstances.


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